Time out

Hello there. I know it’s been a while since my last post.

Last year in April, I decided to put the Style Column on hold for a bit for various reasons (see more on that on my About page). I was thinking about going back to my blog for a long time, but today, on the anniversary of my last post, it somehow feels like the right time.

Today is also a great day because I have a random day off work and I have prescribed myself, for once, a general time out for today. No work, of any variety! Nope, no cleaning the kitchen, no errants, nothing to be achieved. To be honest, this is really hard for me. I am a notorious fidgeter… I just can’t sit still and a day at home mostly results in cleaning up, tidying up, doing laundry… you get the picture. A day at home never looks like lying in a sunchair reading a book. So this morning, I was totally clueless as to what I would get up to, but I left the house, Ipad in bag to document my adventures. So here’s what happened this morning:

A walk on the beach
Having spent two nights in a seaside town recently, I remarked that it’s so nice to be by the sea. I noticed immediately that this was an absurd statement as we live right by a beautiful, unspoiled beach that we really don’t make enough use of.
So, down the steps I went near the old sports centre, across the promenade onto the sand and down to where the clear water touches the shore. I collected some shells for a craft project I intend to undertake and stuck my toes in the water. Still cold but getting there! Today definitely feels like the first day of summer.







Freshly pressed juice
Yum. This little beachbar is for the trendy crowd but we do come here sometimes to have some views with our wine. As it’s too early for wine a freshly pressed juice will have to do. I’m on my own and I don’t feel awkward. Lovely.



Off to the market for some cheese. I’m too late so I missed the catch of the day, but some fresh goats cheese will be just fine for lunch. Serve with a juicy tomatoe and good olive oil. Bon Appetit.



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