Day 25 Wardrobe Inspiration: Something you’ve never worn


Something you’ve never worn

Release one of  your wardrobe undead from its grave.


Hand on heart – how many items have you got that have never seen the light of day? I never owned stuff with the tags  on, but lately, these wardrobe zombies have been creeping up on me. Not so much wrong purchases, but certainly unnecessary ones, these items are often unworn because I simply haven’t gotten round to them yet. This is definitely a first world problem.

How to…

Try and remember what attracted you to the item in the first place, and how and when you thought you were going to wear it. Maybe you can find a different use for it. If it was a total waste of your money, are you still in time to return it? Can you give it to a friend or sell on ebay? There is no point for something you’ll never wear to take up valuable space in your wardrobe and make you feel bad about yourself everytime you have to look at it.

Today I’m wearing…

A dress from Warehouse I bought a few years back which wasn’t at all cheap and was intended to be worn over slim jeans. However, I bought a size ten (why I do not know) and it just looks all wrong. Recently I’ve tried it on as a mini dress, and with a pair of boots it actually works well!

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