Day 19 Wardrobe Inspiration: Pants


Pants, styled

Upstyle some well fitting trousers.


I’m a dress girl. Dresses hide those extra three pounds really well that I’ve not been able to get rid off since Christmas. But well fitted trousers that elongate your legs and flatter your whole figure are an absolute wardrobe treasure. They’re hard to find, so when you do, care for them.

How to…

If you’re skinny or have a very boyish figure you can get away with narrow legs. For everybody else, keep the leg straight at the very least. Bootcuts flatter nearly everybody. Pockets on the sides can make you look wider, and pocket on the bum can make your bum look bigger. However on very shiny materials they can be a welcome distraction. But I’m not sure why you’d be wearing shiny pants in the first place….Make sure the length is right for you when you wear them with your shoes. The curse of my life seems to be that regular trousers are too short for me, and long trousers are too long for me. The right lenght is crucial so consider getting them taken up if they’re not the right fit.

Today I’m wearing…

A new pair of jeans I got in GAP (jeans totally count here!) that fit really well, an animal print tshirt from River Island and a Mango cardigan.


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