Day 17 Wardrobe Inspiration: Rock It


Rock It

Make your outfit rock today.


Too easy. I’m usually quite slick and well put together, but once in a while I’m overcome by the urge to put on a White Stripes record and wear leather. It just makes me feel alive. Roar.


Leather, skulls, distressed jeans… I’m not sure whether this is a trend or it’s just always been around. Even if you don’t own any of these items, just letting your hair go a bit wild and putting on a smokey eye will do the trick.

How to…

The goal is effortlessly messy – think Kate Moss. Something’s always a little bit off – hair, make up, a crinkled t-shirt… pair with heels and a leather jacket and lots of jewellery.

Today I’m wearing…

Black leather skirt, white shirt, snake necklace (yes!!) and a leather jacket.


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