Day 10 Wardrobe Inspiration: Something Scary

Morticia-Garage-Art-the-addams-family-1964-33100993-766-1190Something that scares you, just a little bit

No, I don’t mean the Addams Family look! Wear something daring today that takes a bit of guts and enjoy the attention.


We all sometimes buy something we just had to have, because it’s so cool, so sexy, so outrageous, but when it comes to wearing it, we don’t have the guts! Well, give this outrageous piece of yours some airing and wear it today!


Where do I start? While I wear most of my clothes, things I bought but never wore include a leather choker from topshop (my boyfriend asked me if I had a leash to go with it!), a number of shorter than usual dresses and an equally big number of tailored shorts that just show more leg than I’m used to.

How to…

It’s all in your attitude. There’s no other trick. Be different, and be proud.

Today I’m wearing…

Tailored tweed shorts, high boots and a rollerneck.


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