April Shop Your Closet 30 Day Challenge

04 April

As you know I’ve been endeavoring on a “buy no new stuff” project over the last few weeks. When I looked at my shopping habits at the end of last year, I realized that they were unhealthy, to say the least, and I decided it was time for a change. One of the main reasons I concluded my shopping was a bad habit rather than a harmless pass time was that I found shopping was taking up a mammoth amount of my time, not even speaking of the cost, with increasingly little reward. While I was buying more, I certainly wasn’t wearing more or dressing better, and my treasured wardrobe had become a chamber of terror to me. Or should I say, wardrobes! I have a big wardrobe in the spare bedroom, a chest of drawers in the spare bedroom, a chest of drawers in the main bedroom, a small bit of the wardrobe in the main bedroom, and a third wardrobe in the office. My handbags are stacked away separately. Doh!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my clothes and I love fashion, but I also find owning all this stuff increasingly overwhelming and unfulfilling. Why do I continue to shop when I already have so much? All I really want to do is express my own unique style, and for this I don’t need a mountain of things; a few good quality items well put together is all anybody needs to look great. Instead, my closet is full to the rim with stuff I’m not utilizing well.

Apparently I am not alone! Most women wear 20% of what they own about 80% of the time… you’ve all heard the statistics I’m sure, and you may even be one of many who have spent a lot of money on stuff that, two years on, still has the tags on. This is a terrible waste, don’t you think? How do you shop less, and wear more? I’ve done a post before on how to make your wardrobe a place of inspiration, which really works a treat to make it easier for you to actually see what you have. However I recently found another way to get inspired on a fellow style blog which presented a thirty day challenge as a starting point to shop your own wardrobe. The idea is not new and I certainly haven’t invented it and neither has the blogger I nicked it from, but I’ve tailored it to myself and created my own 30 day challenge to shop my wardrobe over the coming thirty days. So if you are one of these girls who stand in front of their bulging wardrobes screaming “I’ve got nothing to wear!”, then why don’t you follow me through April and take part in the challenge. It’s a great way to get inspired, to get more mileage out of what you already own and to have fun with your style.

The challenge

There is a theme for every day for the 30 days of April which provides a starting point for creating this day’s outfit. Some themes are very specific, some themes are quite abstract; the interpretation is entirely up to you. Use only items that you already own – the whole point of this is to use what you have, not to go shopping! Do each day – it doesn’t have to be in order but you should try and do them all. If you create an outfit you’ve never created before, and you love it, take a picture of yourself! Ideally after 30 days you will end up with 30 new, fantastic outfits that you can fall back on when the “I’ve got nothing to wear” phenomenon strikes again.

Excited? Great! Let’s go!


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