How to dress for …. Christmas


Less than two weeks and Christmas is once again upon us. What to wear, I hear people around me scream?

Don’t worry, K is here to help you. Follow the rules below and you’ll look amazing. Guaranteed.


How to dress….

… for the company Christmas party

 The company Christmas bash is a social and alcohol infused affair in most cases but remember that your boss is still your boss and he or she will remember how you behaved outside the office, even if you won’t. It goes without saying that heavy flirting or drunk and disorderly behavior are a no go. Regarding your outfit, under no circumstances should you give into the temptation to go overly short and sparkly. You are not competing with the tree. Really. Not. Not even if everybody else is doing it. A long evening gown, or an evening suit, are a much better way of spending your money as they will be useful for other occasions during the year, whereas the typical Christmas party dress will look inappropriate at any other time of the year then – well – Christmas. If you can’t say no to the sparkle, little black dresses go a long way dressed up with lots and lots of jewellery (try wearing a big brooch on your waistband, for example). Try dressing up a plain black dress or suit with a gorgeous (fake) fur coat or an embellished evening coat that you can also wear with jeans during the day for a statement entrance. Monsoon have great pieces. Finally, there is no need to go with the usual somber colors for the Christmas party. Slightly off white is a fantastic color to wear in winter.

… for the family Christmas party

Family christmasses are notorious for sitting around for days on end eating and drinking more than your trousers can handle. Bear this in mind when you get dressed – for once comfort comes before style. Flattering cuts and materials that have a bit of give, in stain-friendly dark colors, are the way to go – think jersey wrap dresses or knitwear to avoid any wardrobe related desasters. If a dress can hide half a roast bird and two bottles of port, then that’s the dress for your family Christmas. 

… for a Christmas party with friends

The way to dress for a Christmas brunch, lunch or drinks with friends depends on the company and whether or not you are single. Being single in a group of couples is bad enough, worse if it’s Christmas and intolerable if you are wearing head to toe animal print and are carrying a toy dog. Whatever you do, just don’t overdo it. Some girls have a habit of getting everything done for Christmas: hair and makeup, nails, lashes. This is not beautification, ladies. You are scaring people. Relaxed and classic is the way to go. Smile politely at the attending couples. They’re not all that happy – they’ve just had a lot of wine.   

Merry Christmas everybody x


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