The perfect wardrobe

A couple of weeks into the summer sales and my closet is aching. That’s right, aching. A closet can’t ache, you say? Well, mine can, and I feel for it. The rail is slowly bending and buckling, carrying too much weight, there are clothes thrown over the doors that haven’t got a home at present, and closing the wardrobe can no longer happen without a certain amount of well timed pushing and shoving. I  think the odd time I can hear it moan, a slow, tortured groan as the rail sinks a little bit further.

I am moaning with it, as I am once again scanning the house for space, for another free box to store some winter jumpers or a five centimeter gap of rail space in my boyfriends’ wardrobe, where I could sneakily dump one of my winter coats to make space for the new additions. It’s a losing game, as I have long exhausted the options, filled all the gaps, stuffed all the cracks.

There is one thing I have never had and I have wanted all my life: a decent wardrobe. I have never had enough space to house my belongings, which is a real bother, because they are precious to me. Half of them are always stored away somewhere else, crammed and inaccessible. Forget about shoes for the moment – shoe racks must all be designed by men as they tend to fit a maximum of eight pairs and take up half a wall. Eight pairs?! And where will the other 70 pairs go? You’ve got to be kidding me. But wardrobes are just as bad. I have moved many times and so far every single house I rented was a complete and utter disappointment on the closet space front.

It might sound a little excessive that I have so many clothes, they do not fit into a double door wardrobe. Extravagant, people like to tell me, to spend money on so many clothes, when you can get away with a clever 2.5 item capsule wardrobe. Is it really that excessive? What about the book lover whose collection doesn’t fit onto the standard sized Ikea BILLY shelf? Or the music lover whose CD collection doesn’t fit into a fifty pouch CD wallet? Some people like to collect the things they love, and for me, it’s clothes, shoes and what have you. Yes, but you don’t need all these clothes, do you? Of course I don’t need them. Who needs a collection of crystal figurines, or stamps, for that matter? It’s pointless to ask for the purpose of things that people collect because they love them. They have no purpose, except to bring a smile to the face of the owner.

So, this is my dream, and one fine day when I buy my own place, I am going to turn it into reality: a walk in closet. No more plastic boxes with shoes shoved under the bed. No more clothes that disappear between other clothes. No more bending rails. It will also mark the end of a period of occupation of my boyfriend’s closet, which I imagine he will be happy to hear. The wardrobe of my dreams will have:

  • visibility and accessibility: everything will be on display. There won’t be any clothes stuffed into dark corners any more. My walk in closet will not have shelves beyond my reach and sight. Out of sight out of mind, as they say. I have to store clothes I don’t wear often because I simply do not have the space to keep them in my wardrobe. But this mostly just means that they go from “not worn much” to “not worn at all”.
  • space:  clothes should have space to breath, there should be gaps between hung up garments so that you can see what you have and that they do not crinkle or hold humidity.
  • appropriate storage: plenty of racks for shoes, drawers for underwear and socks, ample rails for clothes, including high rails for floor lenghts gowns and long coats, shelves for hats and bags, a little rack for sunglasses and plenty of  boxes and chests for my jewellery.
  • full length changing room mirrors
  • seating and nice light, to enjoy my walk in wardrobe with a friend and a glass of wine.

It may be years away, but a girl can still dream!


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