Summer Lace

Lace has been another huge trend this summer, revived by using bold colors and pretty pastels rather than the traditional black. The lace trend is set to continue into autumn/winter but really, lace is a classic and will never go out of fashion. Garments resembling lace have been around since roman times, and real lace has been in widespread use since the 16th century.

While black lace is perfect for evening dresses, the colorful versions are playful and romantic and work as well for daytime as for evening. If you choose a colorful version, go for a classic cut, so it won’t go out of fashion quickly and you’ll be able to wear it for years. If the full on lace look is too much for you, choose a dress with a subtle lace inlay.

These are my favorites, available now on and


From left to right: Pink lace dress from Asos, Pink Skater Lace dress from Oasis, Coral Lace dress from Oasis, Yellow Lace dress from Warehouse, Yellow Anglaise Dress from Asos, baby blue Midi Tea dress from Asos, embellished Prom dress from Warehouse, dress with lace inlay from Warehouse.


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