Beach Babe: daytime beach dresses to die for

I live in dresses. When I get up in the morning, 99 out of 100 days I will reach for a dress. Yes, that includes weekends. Dresses are almost always a great look. Whatever cut or color, a dress will give you instant style. Just accessorize and you are done. Shorts, vest top and flip flops may seem like a comforting idea when you are on holiday – when else can you wear them in your day to day life! But I prefer a dress, even for the beach. You will feel so much more glamorous when you head into one of the beach bars for a well deserved cocktail after your swim!

Check out these fantastic daytime beach dresses from Billie&Blossom at Dorothy Perkins.

Wear with gorgeous flats in metallics for a cute vibe:


Sandals, from left: Mango, Oasis, Zara.

Next up: Beachparty – my favorite nighttime dresses to impress!


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