Life’s Better at the Beach

The view from my office window this morning is all blue sky and sunshine. I can’t feel the heat as the office is beautifully air-conditioned, but I know it will be there to greet me when I head out onto the busy street at lunchtime. Finally! Even though this is Spain, this winter just gone has been long and cold. No, really. You’d be surprised how cold 12 degrees is when you have no heating in your house.

I am lucky enough to live in a beach town at the southern tip of Spain, where people from all over come to spend their summer holidays. We are expecting the first heat wave of the year and I am really looking forward to it. With over thirty degrees and mild westerly winds forecast, I will be spending most of this coming weekend at the beach. Just in time to browse the net for this year’s hottest beachwear!

First up, the swimsuit is back. After what has seemed like a lifetime of string bikinis, with swimsuits relegated to athletes and the very old, a very decent selection is once again available.

Here’s my best of 2012:


Classic Styles, from left: 1.Whistles Elle Swimsuit. 2.Mileti Contrast Frame Suit. 3.Mouille 2 Tone Wrap

Stripes, from left:     1.House of Holland. 2.Huit Multi Stripe. 3.Princess Tam Tam Belted Swimsuit

Tropical, from left: 1.French Connection, 2.Warehouse Floral print, 3.Asos Floral Print

Print, from left: 1.Moschino Heart Print. 2.French Connection Zig Zag Swimsuit. 3.Whistles Petal Spot Swimsuit

Available to order on

To follow shortly: My favorite Bikinis of the season!


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