3. Who to bring

I shop alone. Years of frustrating, bitter, tearful trips to the shopping mall have taught me that I am my own best critic, and other people a mere irritation. But then, I do a lot of things on my own, and that isn’t for everybody. If you need some help, get your most stylish friend to come with you, or ask a colleague who knows how to dress. She doesn’t have to be your best mate – most girls don’t need much of an excuse to help out if that means going shopping.

Never, ever, bring any of the following people:


Even if your mother is the most elegant woman you know and your best friend, don’t take her shopping. I spent my late teens frustrated and looking rubbish because I thought it would be a good idea to go shopping with my mother. I think it may have been her comment on bootcut jeans that finally pushed me over the edge: “I hate flares – we already had those in the seventies!”

Even to this day shopping doesn’t really work in my mother’s presence: her taste is too conservative, so she discourages me from buying anything a little too cheeky or risqué. Also, her habit of commenting on my flaws and assessing my figure is just plain depressing.


Here are some of the numerous reasons that totally disqualify your boyfriend as a shopping aid:

1. He hates being in a store and will do anything to get out of there as quickly as possible (including telling you that something truly awful looks good on you. “Can we just pay now and go, please?”)

2. To him the epitome of style is jeans, tshirt and converse.

3. He loves you, so he genuinely thinks you look nice in whatever you put on (also, he is dying to get out of the shop).

4. He would never dream of telling you the truth if it means commenting on your imperfections. He is not stupid – one word about those thighs and there goes his relationship.


She is probably calculating how the thing you are trying on would look on her and will use the first opportunity to nick it from your wardrobe, the pricetag still on. Leave your sister at home, and get a lock for your wardrobe.

Your conservative friend

She is a fan of eco friendly materials and what she buys has to be comfortable and enduring. You would never dress like her. Why on earth would you ask for her advice in the changing room?

So, now you have shopped in the right mood, brought a stylish friend and hopefully avoided all unnecessary buys. Now it is time to bring your shopping home, but the quest for being well dressed is anything but over. You have to start looking after your clothes, or forget looking good.

Here’s how to care for the things you love.

…. to be continued…. 


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