7 Things you need to know about Retail Therapy

Shame on me, for I have done it again. I went on a mad binge.

Today I’m suffering for it – the fuzzy feeling in the stomach, the guilt, the shame, the hangover. What did I do? Why did I do it? Again? We all know the feeling. In my case however, I’m not talking about drink. Nor am I talking about chocolate, ice cream or cream cake. I laugh in the face of chocolate. No, I am talking clothes, delicate, beautiful, silky smooth clothes. It feels like I spent the entirety of the past fortnight in one shop or another, feeling garments, trying them on, taking them home. I’ve circled the sales rack in Oasis so many times that it actually made me dizzy. I am surprised at this stage that none of the sales staff has called the police. Surely the presence of some mad, stary-eyed early thirties female circling the store could not have gone unnoticed.

My spare bedroom, a laundry/ dressing/ ironing room at the best of times, has turned into an unnavigable maze of unemptied shopping bags, loose garments and chopped off labels. I’ve long run out of space to store away my belongings, or to be able to find anything, for that matter. Getting a bigger wardrobe is only ever a temporary solution to the problem. Believe me, I have tried.

Let’s talk straight here. I think I am mentally ill.

The “hangover” doesn’t change the fact that I am eyeing up yet another gorgeous blouse as we speak, or that I am contemplating the purchase of a fine leather handbag in deep blue. I never, ever get tired of shopping, and it’s never, ever enough. To quote my friend Sylvia on this: It’s not fair – I want everything! 

What is it with some of us women that we just can’t get enough?  Why do we feel the need for new things all the time, failing to appreciate and care for what we already have? We all know it – we buy too many things and never have anything to wear. Treating yourself to something nice is of utmost importance. Go on, get that nice dress you saw in the window yesterday. You deserve it. But when is it actually turning into a compulsion, this feeling of must have something that afterwards you really could have done without? How can you stop spending your money on useless stuff and instead look great at all times?

Next time you feel like hitting the shops, remember these 7 things a woman should know about Retail Therapy.

…to be continued…


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