Things a Woman should know about Style

I am a sucker for coffee table books. I got a whole array of small and perfectly square books scattered around the living room for visitors and for those boring rainy Sunday afternoons alike. Even better than a coffee table book is a coffee table book on style, so I had to have this. Also, it has Audrey Hepburn on the cover. What could possibly go wrong.

As entertaining a read it is, don’t expect to uncover any great wisdom or the secret to finding your personal style. This book is on classic style only. If Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Jackie O are your girls, and if you like black, camel and white, shift dresses, breton tops, brogues, cashmere twin sets and tailored jackets – congratulations, this is your book. Sound boring? In fairness, it is not a bad read – witty, sharp and at points laugh out loud. I like the numerous quotations and the little truths within. BUT and this is a capital BUT, what a boring place the world would be if everybody was elegant, day in, day out.  I love classic style and I wear it a lot… but you only live once, so be brave and be yourself.

Apart from anything else, the chapter on footwear left me baffled. I don’t care what anyone says, women hobbling around on stilettos are not stylish, no matter how pretty the shoe. A sit down only shoe is a caricature that is best avoided.

The book’s top ten style rules

1) Take care of your clothes or forget looking good.

2) Vintage is a term used to describe old and overpriced.

3) Sports clothes and trainers should never leave the gym.

4) Wit should be heard from your mouth and not read off your breasts. Never wear slogans.

5) Buy clothes that fit. If you don’t like the size you are, cut out the label.

6) Never buy in Topshop if you are on the wrong side of 30.

7) Boot leg cuts look good on any figure. Skinny trousers look good on hardly any figure.

8) Know your worth.

9) Dresses are the epitome of style.

10) Good food before fashion every time.


Things a Woman should know about Style is available on for £9.99.


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